Recognize a Food Safety Hero

World Food Safety Pledge Badge

Recognize a Food Safety Hero by using the form below and uploading a short video or a photo. Refer to this DIY guide for an easy, quality video. We will contact you to build out the story of that person. You can also recognize a Food Safety Hero on social media. To do so, please use the hashtags #foodsafetyhero, #BACFighter and #worldfoodsafetyday so the Partnership for Food Safety Education can share your post and recognize that person also. Thank you! (PFSE will post only U.S.-based recognitions to the special web page. Please limit to two submissions per person.)

(So we can contact you about developing a short story about the person you are nominating.)
Upload a maximum 2 minute video to introduce your Food Safety Hero. Your hero can be feeding school children who need a daily lunch, food bank volunteer, a grocery cashier - anyone who is working on the front line to ensure people are getting healthy and safe meals. File formats allowed are MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV. Maximum file size is 256 MB.